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‘The Molecular Regulation of Stem Cell Quiescence’ Webinar

Dr. Rando participated in a webinar hosted by the journal ‘Current Opinion in Cell Biology’, and sponsored by Beckman Coulter.  A recording is available on demand at the link to the left. Abstract: Many adult stem cells reside in the quiescent state, or the G0 state of the cell cycle, for prolonged periods of time. […]

NIH Transformative Research Award: ‘A New Muscle-Brain Axis Underlying the Cognitive Benefits of Physical Activity’

Dr. Rando and his co-principal investigator, Tony Wyss-Coray, PhD, were awarded one of 10 Transformative Research by the NIH. These awards, open to both individuals and teams of investigators, were created to support research projects that have the potential to create or overturn fundamental paradigms. “Thomas Rando, MD, PhD, professor of neurology, and Tony Wyss-Coray, […]

Rando Cell Reports podcast

How sleeping muscle stem cells might be awakened to fight aging, with Thomas Rando  (9:42)  (Cell Reports). Plus, sample a selection of the hottest new papers from Cell Press (19:30).      

Scientists discern signatures of old versus young stem cells

BY BRUCE GOLDMAN A chemical code scrawled on histones — the protein husks that coat DNA in every animal or plant cell — determines which genes in that cell are turned on and which are turned off. Now, Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have taken a new step in the deciphering of that histone code. In […]