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Stem cells express genes differently in the lab dish than in the body

The Stanford research suggests that any conclusions about stem cell function based on studies of stem cells in lab dishes may now need to be reconsidered in light of the fact that the cells’ biology changes during isolation. Full article


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Clinical trial finds blood-plasma infusions for Alzheimer’s safe, promising

In a small safety trial based on preclinical work by a Stanford researcher, participants receiving blood plasma infusions from young donors showed some evidence of improvement. Full article

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Infusions of young blood tested in patients with dementia

The first controlled, but controversial and small, clinical trial of giving young blood to people with dementia has reported that the procedure appears safe. It has also hinted that it may even produce modest improvements in the daily lives of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.  Full article

Is aging a disease that can be cured?

The oldest person that we know of lived to be 122 years old. Is that the limit? Is aging a disease that can be conquered and reversed? Scientists think it may be possible – and sooner than we think. At a gathering at The New Yorker’s TechFest in early October, Bill Maris, a venture capitalist involved in aging research, and Thomas Rando, a professor of neurology at Stanford University acknowledged that the study of aging is a tricky business – and it’s relatively new. Full article

Beautiful and Immortal

PresaDiretta questions one of the most powerful myths of contemporary society, eternal youth. Can you be young forever? In the United States, they are not only convinced, but are preparing to break the most extreme of scientific limits: death. There is, in fact, who is preparing to become immortal. American technology giants are investing a river of money on anti-aging research, the dream of eternity is the business of the future. Ultimately, for the foremost, for the optimists convinced that sooner or later the way to be reported in life even after death someone will find it, there are those who thought of hibernation.

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Den vigtigste årsag var mangel på råvarer, “som normalt leveres af virksomheder hier fra Fjernøsten”. Fjernøsten er det begreb, som briterne bruger om en række lande, herunder Kina, Japan, Vietnam, Korea og andre lande. Eftersom Rusland ikke kan bebrejdes, må vi generelt set skyde skylden over på en kendt producent af råvarer til medicinalindustrien, nemlig Kina, under den generiske betegnelse “Fjernøsten”.

Now Silicon Valley techies think they can live for ever

After decades of quiet toil in laboratories, novel drugs are emerging that could rewrite the rules of old age, how we define long life and, ultimately, how we organise as a society.

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Inside Silicon Valley’s quest to defeat ageing

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson talks to the scientists and executives pledging to redefine life as we know it about why we may be finally on the cusp of an age revolution, taking the pain out of being old, the wonder drugs already in circulation, on whether we are playing god, the rejuvenating effects of young blood, freezing your stem cells, the merging of artificial intelligence and medicine, and what the future of ageing looks like.

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How to encourage muscle stem cells to replace missing muscle? A familiar home, a few friends and some healthy exercise

Major traumatic events such as landmine explosions can rip away whole chunks of tissue and make it difficult or impossible to ever regain function. In the face of such complete devastation, even muscle stem cells falter. Now Stanford neurologist Thomas Rando, MD, PhD, and former postdoctoral scholar Marco Quarta, PhD, have outlined a three-part approach that, at least in mice, helps muscle stem cells grow new muscle tissue.

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City Visions: Are we close to a cure for aging?

What if we could end aging and prevent age-related diseases? Joseph Pace and guests explore recent advances in aging and longevity research. 

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Protein primes mouse stem cells to quickly repair injury

Pretreatment with a stem-cell-activating protein significantly enhances healing in mice, Stanford researchers say. The approach could eventually help people going into surgery or combat heal better from injuries they sustain.

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a16z Podcast: The Science of Extending Life

Is it real or science fiction to dream of being able to treat… getting old? In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Thomas Rando from Stanford, Kristen Fortney, CEO of BioAge, and a16z’s general partner Vijay Pande where we are in the field of “geroscience” — the idea of studying aging itself, and aging as the root risk for all aging related disease. Far from science fiction, recent discoveries have given us a whole crop of promising breakthroughs to treat aging, such as parabiosis (young blood infused into old blood), senolytics, and rapamycin, and more.    

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Silicon Valley’s Quest To Live Forever

Can billions of dollars’ worth of high-tech research succeed in making death optional?

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Have Scientists Found a Way to Actually Reduce the Effects of Aging?

Researchers at the Salk Institute in California have successfully induced cells to behave like younger cells.

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