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Clinical trial finds blood-plasma infusions for Alzheimer’s safe, promising

In a small safety trial based on preclinical work by a Stanford researcher, participants receiving blood plasma infusions from young donors showed some evidence of improvement. Full article Faktum är att trots vissa mindre biverkningar som huvudvärk, rodnad etc. är Viagra fortfarande ett av de mest populära impotensmedicinerna, läs www.nejtilled.se/kopa-viagra-pa-natet/. Det kommer att behandla ED […]

Infusions of young blood tested in patients with dementia

The first controlled, but controversial and small, clinical trial of giving young blood to people with dementia has reported that the procedure appears safe. It has also hinted that it may even produce modest improvements in the daily lives of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.  Full article

Is aging a disease that can be cured?

The oldest person that we know of lived to be 122 years old. Is that the limit? Is aging a disease that can be conquered and reversed? Scientists think it may be possible – and sooner than we think. At a gathering at The New Yorker’s TechFest in early October, Bill Maris, a venture capitalist […]

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Beautiful and Immortal

PresaDiretta questions one of the most powerful myths of contemporary society, eternal youth. Can you be young forever? In the United States, they are not only convinced, but are preparing to break the most extreme of scientific limits: death. There is, in fact, who is preparing to become immortal. American technology giants are investing a […]