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Beautiful and Immortal

PresaDiretta questions one of the most powerful myths of contemporary society, eternal youth. Can you be young forever? In the United States, they are not only convinced, but are preparing to break the most extreme of scientific limits: death. There is, in fact, who is preparing to become immortal. American technology giants are investing a […]

Inside Silicon Valley’s quest to defeat ageing

The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson talks to the scientists and executives pledging to redefine life as we know it about why we may be finally on the cusp of an age revolution, taking the pain out of being old, the wonder drugs already in circulation, on whether we are playing god, the rejuvenating […]

Is it real or science fiction to dream of being able to treat… getting old? In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Thomas Rando from Stanford (who directs the Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging), Kristen Fortney, CEO of BioAge, and a16z’s general partner Vijay Pande where we are in the field of “geroscience” […]